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Robots.txt is a file used to tell search engines not to crawl a specific page or post. You can allow or deny any page in this file and search engines like Google and Bing respect this file and follow these instructions. But some bad bots don't follow these requests.

some website block bots not to crawl their certain pages such as privacy policies, tags, admin pages, sharing pages, view count pages, etc. It is a good practice to set the Robots.txt file at some point if you allow each and every page, then it might be risky that some hackers can access your sensitive information.

In some cases, the admin or SEO man accidentally blocks the search engine bots by adding wrong information or blocking the bots for a certain period of time, but if they forget to take it back, it might also lower your rankings.


Robots.txt Tester

Xhaami's Robots.txt tester helps you to check your Robots file. This simple Free tool will tell you all the allow and disallow paths and also information sitemap like the URL of the Sitemap and its location of it. We have developed this small tool to recognize your instructions to Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines because they all use this file.

How to use our Free Robots.txt Tester

Our Free Robots file checker tool is easy to use just 2 steps only

Step #1: Visit this page from tools 

Step #2: Enter your domain name and submit it.

This txt tester will show you all information of the file like

  • Information of Robot.txt file
  • Rules of allow and disallow
  • Crawlers name
  • Sitemap URL
  • Location of URL

How to Generate File

There are many online tools available to generate Robots.txt. You can also write it manually we suggest you read this Google Create a robots.txt file guide. It will explain everything about creating this file. However, if you're new or nontechnical then you go for online free Tools like Free Robots.txt Generator by seoptimer Or any other good tool.


Why Is Robots.txt Important?

Some websites don't use this file. This is because Google can usually find and index all the important pages on your site.

And they will NOT automatically index pages that are not important or duplicate versions of other pages.

That being said, there are 3 main reasons why you would want to use a robots.txt file.

Block Non-Public Pages – Sometimes you have pages on your site that you don't want to be indexed. For example, you might have a draft version of a page. Or a login page. These pages must exist. But you don't want random people landing on them. This is a case where you would use robots.txt to block these pages from search engine crawlers and bots.

Maximize your crawl budget – If you're having trouble getting all of your pages indexed, you may have a crawl budget problem. By blocking unimportant pages with robots.txt, Googlebot can spend more of its crawl budget on the pages that really matter.

Avoiding indexing of resources: Using meta directives can work just as well as Robots.txt to prevent pages from being indexed. However, meta directives don't work well for media resources, such as PPT, PDFs and images. That's where robots.txt comes in.