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SEO Link Analyzer Tool by Xhaami

Free URL Analyzer will help you to find no-follow and do-follow links along with the anchor text of a web page or website. Use the website link checker tool to audit the website and get an idea of how many links are present on your page as internal or external links.

Links provide the path for the user to move from one web page to another. in this way users can reach your other relevant articles and posts. 

On the other Link Analysis Tool easily provides you with all the information on outbound links. sometimes we need to remove some external links and update some new links in this way it's very hard to practice going into a single post and checking external links or internal links. Link Analyzer Tool helps you to do this practice easily

There are two types of links.

Internal links are the links that direct you to the web page of the same website.

External links are links that direct you to the web page of another website.

Even Google bots use the links as browsers during the crawling process. Either you are auditing the links due to Google algorithm updates or doing a regular link audit.

The free link analysis tool makes the process relatively simple. Just enter the URL. The tool will perform a link audit and provide you with a total number of internal and Off-site links do not follow and follow links along with the anchor text of a web page or website.


How to use this Free Link Analyzer Tool?

Using this free Web URL analyzer tool is very simple. Just you need to go to the SEO tools page and select Link Analysis. Now put your URL of any page or post and click on the submit button. This tool will generate a report that will show you information like

  • Links
  • Anchor Text
  • Type of link (Internal or External)
  • Follow or Dofollow

So you have now a clear picture of your webpage links. 


Importance of Link Analysis Tool

It is an important practice to keep an eye on the total of internal and outbound links. Inbound links work like veins, as veins supply blood from the heart to the entire body of a human being. Equally good on-site links are navigated by search engine bots during the crawling process.

Similarly, if you want to rank high, you should check out some trusted external links. You can easily get all the summaries from external links. Additionally, you can also check which external links should be removed or deprecated now. Our free high-quality backlink checker tool can help you identify high-quality backlinks and we also have a poor backlink checker tool to analyze low-quality links.


Significance of this Tool to Webmasters

The free link checker tool generates a detailed link analysis result so that webmasters or SEO experts can easily evaluate external and internal links to a certain domain. It is also very useful for webmasters in analyzing other websites that link to their websites.

You can use free link analysis software in a very smart way! Many savvy digital marketers on independent platforms are earning by providing comprehensive link analytics reports for their clients. Then you can also use the tool in a similar way!

Whether you're checking a link or working on the latest Penguin update.