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This tool finds keyword suggestions based on the input keyword and region using a combination of Google Suggest and Surfer SEO. Shows the cost per click and search volume in the specified region for each keyword.

Our Free Keyword Tool uses the latest Google search data to deliver targeted and precise advertising ideas.

Keyword research finder helps you find which keywords are the best to target and provides valuable insights into the queries your target audience is actually searching for on Google. The information you can get about these actual search terms can help your content strategy, as well as your broader marketing strategy.

People use keywords to get the solution to their problems. So if your content manages to show up in front of our audience while they are searching, you can get more traffic. Therefore, you must target those searches.

Also, in the inbound methodology, we don't create content around what we want to tell people; we must create content around what people want to discover. In other words, our audience comes to us.


Our Free Keyword Research Tool

Using the right keywords is very important to achieve a higher search engine ranking. Use the Website Keyword Suggestion Tool to get the best suggestions for your website. Enter a domain name and click 'Search Keyword'.

Our tools are 100% free and provide very close results to Keyword planners. We have added many countries so If you want to target any specific audience then this tool will help you a lot. This also provides CPC in USD as well as in CPC in ocal currency and keyword volume. By using this tool, you can easily estimate what people are searching for by typing what keywords.


How to User Xhaami's Keyword Research Tool

In order to get better organic traffic keyword exploring is much more important.

follow these simple steps 

Step 1: Get the keyword you intend on searching for.
Step 2: Once you have the keyword in mind, visit:
Step 3: Enter our desired keywords 
Step 4:After entering the keywords now select any country
Step 5: Now click on Submit button.

Boom the results that provide all information regarding the Competition of the keyword, Volume of keywords CPC in USD, and CPC in Local Currency. You can easily create your planning and strategy by keeping in view these results.


The Alternative to Keyword Planner for Keyword Searches's free keyword research tool is intended as a companion tool to Google's keyword planner one advantage that the Xhaamis keyword research tool has over the keyword planner is the inclusion of specific search volumes, rather than search volume ranges. Our hope is that this feature will make it easier for users to identify the exact keyword searches they are interested in.

As a Google partner, our keyword engine benefits from a direct line to the Google API, so you can ensure the data you receive is verified and credible. At the same time, our keyword finder extends Keyword Planner's offering by bringing data directly into the fold. So while searching for Google keywords, don't neglect the incremental impact that Microsoft keyword searches can have on your overall performance.