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Right Keyword Density is important. Keyword thickness will help you identify how many times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page or in an article. Simply keyword density is the number of times a target keyword or keyword phrase appears within a piece of the written content of your whole article.

If you add it too many times a keyword then it can harm your web page search engine and can punish you. On the other hand, if you mention a little less than necessary and the search engines may not pick up enough signals to rank the page for that particular keyword. 

Xhaami Keyword Density Checker Free tool (Article Keyword Checker) not only helps you fix your mistakes but also identifies your mistakes in your website content so that you can replace it with the best values. . Content writers and webmasters must check the keyword density of their articles before or after they are published. That's why we've added both options to calculate density via a webpage URL or by copying and pasting your text into the input box. We provide 100% free services and its tool has no limitations.


How to Check the density of keywords?

 NKr/Tkn)x100 formula is used to calculate values. where Nkr is how many times a keyword is used and Tkn is the total number of words in your article or text. If you are using the term "Keyword Research" it will be considered as a keyword, not 2 words and the formula will be (1/Tkn)x100.


How to use this Tool

Using our free online keyword density calculator is as simple

Step #1: Visit the tool page

Step #2: Enter your URL

Step #3: click on Submit

Once it's done a result will be in front of you. our keyword analyzer will immediately retrieve all the keyword data from your website or content and display it in a table form.

KEYWORD, COUNT IN TITLE, IN DESCRIPTION, and WEIGHTcolum will provide all the information. Weight will tell you what is the percentage of your desired ranking word.


What is good keyword density?

There are different opinions when it comes to optimal keyword density. For some, it ranges from 0.5% to 0.8%. Some experts would like this number to be higher; from 0.5% to 2.5%. However, most experts would agree that ideally, it should be less than 3%.


Is keyword density still important now (2023)?

Basically, it's not a ranking or SEO factor according to experts. Once it was a time when it was counted as a Google ranking factor. Near me if you will add too many times a target word then it can still be a bad practice in the field of SEO if we use keywords smartly and wisely then it will be helpful for the future because the SEO field is changing day by day with the passage of time. But Key stuffing is still harmful to your ranking.


What is keyword Stuffing and How to Deal with it?

If the density is less than 3 percent, there is nothing to worry about, but if it exceeds this limit, it will be considered keyword stuffing. The first tip is to use different synonyms, for example, you can replace "Free Backlinks Checker" with "Backlink Explorer". The second trick, increasing the length of the text; which will automatically lower this percentage.