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Bing is the 2nd most used search engine with ~2.5% of global searches and >12% of US desktop searches. Bing is SEO friendly, less competitive than Google, but much harder to scrape. When it comes to SEO factors, Bing takes into account more than 1,000 signals to rank websites on search engine results pages.  You can use our free bing keyword position tracker to chek Bing SERP.

GeoRanker's Bing SERP Checker tool will show you up to 100 results that Bing returns for any keyword in any location.

Bing should be a part of every SEO campaign as it is much easier to be objective, especially for people interested in the US market. In fact. Bing is the default search engine for Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Therefore, rank tracking is one of the most important intermediary KPIs that can be tracked and trusted. Our Bing Rank Checker tool retrieves the exact position your website ranks for a specific keyword in a specific location. Rank Tracking in Bing means measuring the evolution of the positions of your keywords during a specific period of time.

Bing SERP checker

Bing SERP also contains various features like related searches, news, images, extended Wikipedia, and others which makes a ranking check on Bing as complex as it is for Google. Bing SERP checker allows users to have a broader perspective of the entire market; discover your Bing competitors, discover opportunities for backlinks and blog posts, keyword research and suggestions, and many others. Today, it's essential to look at and analyze the entire industry picture with a Bing SERP checker. SEO rankings on Bing should be compared to competitors, which can be easily defined as those who rank higher than you for the Bing keywords you are targeting. You can easily create reports and statistics based on the data provided by our Bing SERP Checker, and then start putting more effort into SEO activities and opportunities on Bing Search Engine.

How to Use our free Bing SERP Checker

Our bing SERP tracker free tool will provide the position of any keyword on your website. Which keyword is on what number in bing search results.

In order to use Bing SERP Checker, you need to perform these simple steps

01. Go to the Bing SERP checker tool (

02. Enter the URL of your domain in "click here to enter your website"

03. Now click on submit button

04. Now a page will open you will find an empty space "Enter Keyword" here you need to enter your keyword which you want to check Bing SERP.

05. Click on the test button. Results are in front of you now.